Most Reliable Fake Emergency Excuses to Miss Work (Blog Post 1)

The Best Ailments to Fake Urgent Care Doctors Notes

a sad-looking bear with a funny signThe businesses offering to fake an urgent care doctors note to excuse missing work have recently become a fast-growing trend. Since we all regularly get into a situation when we simply cannot go to work, such services prove to be quite useful, although they may seem a bit risky and not very legal.

Although you shouldn’t plunge into medicine and health science books when thinking of ailments to fake a dr excuse, make sure you learn some basic symptoms of those you choose for your emergency note. The best ailments to fake doctors notes are usually the most common illnesses and diseases which regularly affect millions. The most reliable illnesses to use in order to stay at home for a day or few without raising too many suspicions should:

  • Be familiar to everyone.
    Unless you’ve recently been to the Amazon region or visited South Africa, stating one of the rare tropical diseases in your urgent care doctors note is never a good idea. On the other hand, delivering an emergency room note stating you’ve had digestion issues due to food poisoning would look much more credible.
  • Sound logic to your superior.
    Not only should you behave as if you had been really sick with a certain disease, it is also important to make your ‘story’ sound logic. If the weather was nasty during the last few weeks, you would have high chances to catch a cold or get a fever while the feasibility of getting overheated in the sun can be seriously questioned.

Whenever you need to fake a ‘legitimate’ doctors note or an emergency room urgent care letter, it is important to invent credible stories as well as choose reliable ailments if you don’t want to get caught. It is also important to keep the following in mind:

  • The template quality.
    Although there are hundreds of online services which would offer an urgent care doctors note to fake an illness, not all the templates you’ll come across are worth spending your money on. Take your time to study the topic before you buy a set of templates to fake your er note for work.
  • The company’s additional services.
    Finding some top quality templates to fake an emergency room doctors note is only the first step on the way to missing your work legally. The next important step is to verify the urgent care doctors note. This means the paper you deliver should be professionally backed up in case your employer suddenly decides to check whether your story is true.

Types of Fake Emergency Notes

Fake emergency room notes are a perfect last-minute solution since you can quickly create a credible excuse to explain why you didn’t show up at work without giving a notice in advance. The most commonly used types of fake emergency notes are as follows:

  • ER room discharge letters.
    These forms are normally of two kinds: short and extended. Both would normally contain customizable areas to fill in with you personal details. The difference between the two kinds is that the simple er room discharge letter template would normally contain only the diagnosis and general recommendations while the extended one may additionally state the time you’ve arrived at the ER room as well as include some doctor comments, cure method descriptions, etc.
  • ER room release form.
    This sort of a fake excuse is quite popular since it doesn’t have too many areas to customize. It is very simple and serves to inform your employer that you have been to the ER room for a certain reason and are now able to return to work either with some temporary restrictions or not.
  • Clinic note.
    While many people would go to their local hospital in case of an ‘emergency’, delivering a clinic note can be completely credible as well.

If you need an urgent care doctors not to miss work or school, be sure to visit and get some useful urgent care doctors note templates to fake your excuse in the best possible way.

Can You Go to Work with Strep Throat?

a funny image about getting off work earlierSince strep throat is a contagious disease, you need to be on antibiotics for at least 24 hours in order not to threaten the surrounding people. This means neither your boss nor your colleagues would mind if you leave your work due to this illness. Of course, you don’t feel that bad yet and can finish your day but…will the whole office getting the illness make it more productive?

Normally, strep throat lasts from 4 to 5 days which means you can have the whole week off without being too suspicious. This time is more than enough to deal with your personal issues, relieve from stress, and find a good template sample to create a fake strep throat doctors note in order to provide it as your legal excuse later.

Where to Get an Urgent Care Doctor Note for Work

The best and surely the fastest way of acquiring urgent care doctor notes for work is to go to an online store that has a large collection of fake templates and forms. Since the majority of such services are quite affordable, you can always get a set of worthy urgent care doctor notes and pick up the one which suits you most. And if you’re not sure whether the company you want to buy from is reliable, you can try to get some samples of the urgent care notes prior to spending your money.

Is it Safe to Use Fake Emergency Room Doctor Notes for Work

Whenever you fake an emergency doctor note you surely take a certain risk since some excuses may have the opposite effect. This usually happens to people who don’t know how to fake a doctor note properly or cannot simulate the ailment credibly. Many mistakenly believe they can just download any emergency room excuse or doctor note template and customize it by filling in their personal data.

To get a quality fail-proof er doctors note, you need to do some thorough research as well as find a reliable company which would provide you with the latest templates, verification service, and an online customer assistance to guide you through the process of creating a fake excuse 24/7.