Faking Food Poisoning to Call in Sick Successfully (Blog Post 4)

Why is Food Poisoning a Great Excuse to Call in Sick

Even if you’re not sick, chances are you’d sometimes wish you actually were to relieve stress from work or get some rest from that tiresome school schedule. Faking an illness to get out of work or school, I guess, is something many of us have done at least once in our lives.

However, you cannot skip your work or school just because you’re creative enough to fake an ailment. Whatever your reasons to get off work or school are, they must be always backed up with a legal excuse note if you don’t want to be charged with absenteeism. That’s probably why buying fake doctors notes online has become so popular these days.

an image of a man faking food poisoningAlthough there are plenty of maladies to fake if you want to get out of work or school, the certain advantages of food poisoning are quite obvious:

  • It can happen to anyone.
    You can hardly find a person who has never experienced digestion problems due to food poisoning. It happens to many people all the time so you will never be asked too many questions if you call in sick and come up with a fake food poisoning doctors note later.
  • Food poisoning length may vary.
    You can always be flexible and easily get a day or two off when faking food poisoning since there’s no clear definition of food poisoning length. However, you should be reasonable and not try getting weeks of ‘vacation’ with this illness. Learn more about food poisoning length and get some useful tips on how to fake food poisoning at fakedoctorsnoteforwork.com.
  • It doesn’t depend on the time of the year.
    While trying to fake sunstroke in winter or common cold during the summer heat moths would always seem fishy, food poisoning is an all-year-round illness so you won’t have to make a poker face when delivering a fake doctors note for work or school.
  • It is great to fake emergency situations.
    In case you suddenly need to leave work or school, start running to the bathroom often. As soon as your colleagues and your boss realize you are experiencing some digestion disorder, neither would expect you to stay at work any longer.

What is a Reasonable Food Poisoning Length

Since most infections causing digestion problems normally resolve within 24-48 hours, the food poisoning length may seem not very promising if you want to fake a dr note for school or work for longer periods. However, some infections and bacteria may cause prolonged symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, and vomiting, which means you can count for a longer ‘vacation’ if you know how to fake food poisoning properly.

Various toxins can be produced in poorly cooked or stored foods causing complex diseases such as staphylococcal food poisoning or botulism. For such ailments, food poisoning length will normally last from seven to ten days and require ‘serious’ health-care professional treatment.

As long as you can get a high-quality excuse template stating you’ve had some serious complications due to food poisoning, you can be quite flexible with the time you need to stay off work or school. However, since most of the infections causing serious complications are quite rare, I wouldn’t recommend faking ‘extended’ food poisoning too often.

How to Get Fail-Proof Fake Food Poisoning Templates

fake-food-poisoning-benefitsWhen it comes to finding a fake excuse to miss work or school, many would naturally go on the Web since there are plenty of online services offering a wide selection of fake templates including food poisoning notes. However, such diversity can be rather a disadvantage so you need to be rally careful not to pick an excuse template which may not pass an inspection.

If you don’t want to get caught with a fake, be sure you know how to get high-quality fake templates to create a credible excuse for your absenteeism. Here’s what you should always keep in mind:

  • Credibility.
    Since the main reason why you need to forge food poisoning is to get a legal excuse to miss work or school, the template you use to create the excuse note has to be 100% credible. Unless you want to prank your colleagues or your classmates, be sure the fake note you deliver looks absolutely similar to a real doctors excuse.
    For this reason, I’d recommend using an online guide which can provide free samples of excuse note templates to be able to check their quality before you actually use them. Remember, no matter how good your fake story is a fail-proof excuse dr note is always your key alibi.
  • Affordability.
    Although it will always be a temptation to fake a food poisoning note for free, I wouldn’t use such a template if I had to deliver it as an official excuse document. Since many mistakenly believe they are 100% protected by privacy rule regulations forbidding disclosure of individual’s health information, they often underestimate the details when trying to simulate food poisoning or other illnesses.
    For this reason, it is always better to spend a reasonable amount to get a high-quality template. Normally, such services are quite affordable and offer an updated database of various fake notes.
  • Verification.
    The reason why I’d better buy a fake template rather than just use a free one is that most serious companies usually offer a verification service which is an absolute must if you don’t want to get caught. Although your boss or your teacher will never be able to check whether you have really experienced the ailment stated in your dr note, they will always have a possibility to call the hospital or the doctor you have ‘visited’ to make sure you have really been there. In other words, even if you fake your excuse properly it is worth nothing if there’s no one to back up your ‘story’.

Judging from my experience, I wouldn’t say using a fake note is not risky at all. Whatever your excuse is, it is always important to make it credible as well as back it up with a fail-proof doctors note. As for food poisoning, it is surely a great reason to miss work or school provided you know how to fake it properly.