The Best Doctors Notes to Get Out of School Legally

Since everyone aged between 6 and 16 has to attend school every weekday, having a phony excuse to keep you out of school is an absolute must if you don’t want to get into trouble. Normally, your parent can write to the principal to excuse your truancy for a certain period. Unfortunately, that can be seldom an option if you’re not really sick and simply want a day off to deal with your personal issues, catch up with one of those complicated school assignments, or just need to relieve stress.

a girl in a bed faking illnessThat is probably why using a fake doctors note for school has become so popular nowadays. Not only you can write a legit excuse to deliver your school authorities, you may also avoid depending on your parents if you need one. With an excuse note for school, you can get free time whenever you prefer as well as manage it in the way you believe to be the most efficient.

Like all teenagers, you’re highly likely to need more downtime drastically. No matter how hard you try to budget and control your time, there are situations when you simply need a stress free day at school. As soon as you learn how to write a fake dr. note to excuse missing classes legally, you suddenly realize life is not that tough anymore with all the free time you have now.

On the other hand, faking a doctors form for school successfully is not that easy and can get you into serious trouble. Whatever you spend your free time on, make sure you spend enough to learn how to write a dr. note for school correctly. My best recommendation for those willing to use a fake dr note for school is to be always more than 100% sure you do everything right before you actually turn your fake excuse in.

Where to Look for a Fake Doctors Excuse Template for School

The best and the fastest way to get a physician note for school is to use one of those school excuse templates available online. At places like, you can find plenty of printable doctor note for school templates which can be easily customized with your personal data. They are normally quite affordable and won’t drain your budget seriously. You can even find an absolutely free printable dr excuse for school; however, I would personally not use such a dr excuse for the following reasons:

  • It can be low-quality.
    Companies that charge fees for downloading fake physician’s excuses for school usually offer a refund in case their customers are not satisfied with the templates they provide. Like all businesses, they strive to do their best to reduce money returns which means the companies have to provide their clients with the top quality fake note excuses to miss school. Besides, they will normally offer some free examples to evaluate the quality of their templates before you actually pay money to them.
    On the other hand, a free fake template may not be proofread and can contain minor errors and inaccuracies which may get you into trouble.
  • It can be outdated.
    Since the form of a particular doctor note excuse may change once in a while, trustworthy companies always update their database to provide the latest templates in order to write the best doctor notes for missing school. Even if a free template looks authentic, its logo or contact details may be no longer in use which may turn your doctor excuse into a complete failure.
  • It cannot be verified.
    Even if you find a good template for free to write a doctor excuse for missing school, your authorities may easily figure out your excuse note is a fake if they occasionally try to call the doctor or the hospital you’ve ‘visited’. Although they are not allowed to ask about your health details, they can always use the contacts stated in your doctor note to find out whether you have actually been there.

Check this out to learn more about how to write a fake dr note to miss school legally as well as find out where to look for high-quality excuse templates and free samples of fake doctor excuse letters.

How to Write and Turn in Your Fake Excuse Note Properly

a girl faking being sickAlthough you might feel entirely exhausted, using a fake template to write a doctor excuse to miss your classes every time the school gets on your nerves is never a good idea. It is better to save such an opportunity for a real emergency situation when having some extra free time will literally make the difference between a success and a complete disaster.

When filling in the blanks of an excuse note template, make sure you don’t use your own handwriting since your teacher may simply recognize it. Ask some of your friends (but not your classmates!) to do it instead of you.

The ability to acquire a top quality fake template to write a doctor excuse, however, is only the first step on your way to miss classes successfully. Delivering the fake note is another important part of the ‘procedure’ which is often overlooked by many students.

While your fake note may look absolutely credible, the way you look and behave may cause to call your excuse in question. You need to look miserable as well as be able to fake some of the symptoms stated in your excuse note for school. Here are some tricks you might use when handing in your fake excuse note to your teacher:

  • Pretend you’re still in pain.
    Whatever illness you write in your fake note to miss school, make sure you know how to forge its symptoms even when you’re back from your ‘sick leave’. Move slower than usual and speak in a not very cheerful tone. Using some makeup to look pale could be a good idea as well.
  • Be consistent.
    Even if your fake note to miss school has been accepted and your teacher seems to have bought your story, you shouldn’t hurry to celebrate. The last thing you want is to make your authorities doubt and do some further inquiries. Keep looking miserable and exhausted till the end of your classes during your first day at school after your ‘sick leave’.