The Top 3 Reliable and Reasonable Excuses to Miss Work (Blog Post 3)

Learn Best 3 Fake Excuses to Get Out of Work Legally

Although you can always invent hundreds of reasons and excuses to get out of work just because you’re simply sick of your working routines, you usually know your boss won’t buy it unless you deliver a doctor note stating the reasons why you have missed your work. And even if you’re lucky to have the best boss ever, it is still better to have legal excuses since the legislation simply requires an employee to deliver them when they miss work.

For this reason, using health problems fake excuses has become a solution for many people. Health excuses are the most commonly used for many reasons. First of all, it is normal for people to experience ailments from time to time. Besides, the legal regulations do not allow your boss to get into the details of your illness, which makes you a bit more ‘flexible’ if you need to fake an ailment to find excuses to get out of work.

As a rule, health risks are taken seriously and can even earn some sympathy of your authorities. In addition, there are maladies which are easy to simulate, so you can always miss work instantly. Visit to learn more about best call out excuses and credible reasons to miss work as well as get some useful tips on how to fake doctor notes properly.

Although faking an illness is a bit risky, you have little to worry about if you learn how to choose the best excuses and know how to use fake dr notes properly. Here are some of the good excuses to miss work due to health issues:

  • Accidental trauma.
    Traumas caused by DIY activities are always good excuses to get out of work. Either you have smashed your finger while fixing a loose shingle on your house roof or simply had to visit an emergency room since you have burnt yourself while making coffee, earning a few days off is quite easy with such sorts of excuses to miss work.
    However, there are several things to keep in mind when faking this type of doctor notes for missing work. First of all, keep your story credible and bandage your ‘smashed’ or ‘burnt’ finger when you’re back to work. You should also make sure to mimic some slight pains when you ‘accidentally’ touch it or hit it against something.
  • Food poisoning.
    Since food poison may cause plenty of frequently occurring symptoms from allergy to fever and dizziness and diarrhea, it is definitely among the best excuses for missing work. Although it won’t normally provide you with legal reasons to miss work more than 48 hours, food poisoning is still quite a credible excuse because many people experience it from time to time.
    As soon as you’re back to work, don’t forget to look tired and try to pretend you are keeping to a diet. Learn more about food poisoning at
  • Common cold or flu.
    As long as you call in with a contagious disease, you can be sure of a legitimate excuse. Most employers would prefer you stay at home not to threaten the rest of the team by spreading your germs all over the office. Besides, diseases like the flu normally require from five to seven days treatment, which means a long time off.

Why Are Fake Excuses Good to Miss Work?

the worst excuse you can imagine to miss workIf I was to answer this question, I’d say that one of the main reasons why fake excuses are great to miss work is that they really help. The main advantages of using fake excuses to miss work are as follows:

  • They are instantly available.
    While you would probably spend half a day to visit a doctor or an emergency room, a fake excuse can be accessed online and downloaded in a blink of an eye. In terms of time saving, fake excuses are absolutely indisputable.
  • They are affordable.
    Unlike a visit to a doctor, buying a fake excuse online won’t drain your wallet seriously. You can even come across multiple free solutions. However, I wouldn’t recommend using them to miss work since they’re usually of low quality.
  • They can be credible.
    If you know how to get best excuses not to go to work, you can easily come up with a dr note that would look authentic even for a professional.

Picking Up Credible Reasons for Missing Work

Since credibility is the key factor when choosing the best doctor excuses to miss work, it is important to deal with trustworthy companies which can provide the following:

  • A frequently updated database.
    Doctor note templates may change from time to time, so make sure the doctor note you’re faking is not outdated.
  • Free examples of doctor excuses.
    Before you spend your money on a set of templates, make sure you find good reasons to use it for faking a high-quality doctor note. Normally, serious companies would offer free examples to check the quality of their fake templates before you actually make your purchase.
  • Verification service.
    Since your superior can always try to call the doctor or the emergency room you have ‘visited’, having a backup service is absolutely vital. Make sure the company you’re dealing with can provide such a service 24/7/365.

How to Behave When Calling Out of Work

If you plan to miss work, try to you look and act natural when telling your reasons to the boss. Learn the symptoms of the disease you want to simulate and try to imagine how you would behave if you were really sick with it. Here is some advice which might be useful when you get in such a situation:

  • Do it at a well-chosen time.
    Not only it is important to come up with the best reasons when missing work, it is also vital to do it in due time. Either you’ve been recently sick or you had a quarrel with your boss a day before, such factors will always make your illness look suspicious to your superior.
  • Deliver your doctor excuse properly.
    The best option to deliver a fake doctor excuse is probably to send it by e-mail. In this way, you’ll avoid direct contact with your boss and won’t have to look miserable and pretend you’re in pain.