Printable Fake Dr. Note Templates to Excuse Missing Work

Although using a fake doctors note template is considered to be an unethical practice, a lot of people still download printable blank medical forms to get a legal excuse to miss work. Many also prefer getting a printable fake dr note template to visiting a real physician in situations when they’re sick with a slight ailment which can be treated with bed rest and some basic OTC drugs.

an office worker dreams of holidaysSince you’re reading this article, you might be in one of those situations mentioned above. This means that downloading examples of a printable blank medical form to create a legit dr excuse for work may be your only chance to get a day or few off as well as to avoid being penalized for absenteeism. Fortunately, getting a printable dr note template is not a big problem due to numerous online companies offering a wide selection of fake dr excuses including free template samples and medical forms examples.

However, if you think downloading a sample of any free printable doctor note template and filling the blank spaces in the form will guarantee a credible excuse; chances are you might easily get into trouble. When choosing to download a fake dr note template, make sure the company you’re dealing with can provide the following:

  • 24/7 customer support and verification.
    Although most companies’ promos may sound pretty similar, not all of them can certify your excuse when needed. Be sure you download a fake dr note that can be verified in case your employer decides to check its authenticity. It means the contact details stated in your printable fake medical form have to be valid as well as there should be someone to answer the call or the e-mail to back up your dr excuse.
  • Free examples of medical forms.
    Free printable blank samples and examples should be instantly available online to evaluate their quality before you actually purchase them. Not only will this ensure you download a template you need but will also add more confidence since trustworthy companies are never afraid to display the examples of their work as well as some good samples for free.

Fake Printable Doctors Excuse Template: Paid vs. Free

Jim Carry enjoys leaving work earlierOne of the greatest temptations when you urgently need to get out of work is to download a printable excuse note pdf for free. Although the number of free printable excuse templates available online is practically limitless, getting a high-quality template to fake a credible dr note for free is hardly possible. The main reasons why I’d never recommend downloading a free fake printable doctor excuse template are as follows:

  • Free medical forms may be outdated.
    Since the doctor excuse form requirements may change from time to time, you can easily download a sample of an older version which is no longer in use. So, even if you fill in the blanks of the free medical excuse form correctly, you may still get into trouble since some of its details, such as watermarks or logos, can be simply outdated.
  • Free dr excuses cannot be verified.
    There’s always a chance your employer will try to contact the hospital you have ‘visited’ to find out whether you have actually been there. Would your fake dr excuse seem credible if the phone number stated in your medical form is either constantly out of service or simply does not exist?

While getting a free template to fake an excuse is never a good idea, it is still smart to download some free medical form samples as well as doctor note examples to get the general notion of how a reliable doctor note for work should look like. Check this out to find out more about free and paid fake dr excuse services as well as learn how to download and use free doctor note samples and medical forms examples.

How a Reliable Medical Excuse Template Should Look Like

Whenever you want to fake a reliable doctor note to excuse missing work legally, be sure to download some good printable dr note examples first. A reliable fake doctor note template should include the following:

  • Valid data.
    Although the illness stated in your excuse is a fake, the rest of the information should be valid. Watermarks, logos, doctors names, contact details should be authentic and look identical to the original. Download some printable samples and try to compare them with the real doctor notes if there are any available.
  • Customizable blank spaces.
    The printable PDF template you download should allow for being adjusted by filling the blank spaces with your personal data. Be sure to use the same font size and type to provide maximum likeness and authenticity.
  • No errors or irrelevant details.
    Even the top excuses to stay home may fail if the dr note contains spelling mistakes or irrelevant data. This often is the case when you download free fake printable excuses, so beware!

How to Use a Blank Fake Medical Form Template to Call Off Work

In order to use a blank fake medical form template properly, be sure to do the following:

  • Download a free sample.
    If you’re not sure how to fill in the fake template properly, you can always download plenty of printable samples and examples online for free to check whether you’re correct. Some companies additionally provide a 24/7 customer support, so you can always get an instant answer to your question or inquiry.
  • Download and customize your excuse note.
    As soon as you get a printable blank template, it would take several minutes to fill in your personal health details before you print it out. Check for spelling mistakes and make sure you’re not using your own handwriting.
  • Deliver your excuse properly.
    Even if you use the best examples of an editable doctor note to create the most credible excuse ever, you still need to be ready to back up your ‘story’ with some decent acting if you have to deliver it personally. So, if you’re not a good actor at all, be sure to find other ways.