Tips on How to Get a Doctors Note to Stay Home (Blog Post 2)

Why Many People Forge Doctors Note

Although the use of fake doctors notes is technically illegal and can lead to serious outcomes, for many people, it is often the only way out to obtain a legit excuse when they desperately need a day or few off work or school. Since it is sometimes difficult to balance our work/school and our personal issues, knowing how to get a doctors note that is 100% reliable can make a great difference.

a boss in an officeThe main reasons why people want to know how to make a fake doctors note are as follows:

  • An emergency.
    No matter how hard you try to organize your life, there’s always room for something unexpected and unpredictable. Whether your pet ate something poisonous or your car broke down, your boss or your teacher won’t ever take such an explanation to miss work or school seriously. However, if you know how to fake a doctors note properly, you have always the chance to come up with a reasonable excuse.
  • The lack of time and money to visit a real doctor.
    Imagine you’re in bed with a slight fever which can be treated with some basic over-the-counter medicine. Is there any point of spending half a day to visit a real doctor to be examined and issued a doctors note? As soon as you learn how to get a doctors note, you can always download and customize it within some 10-15 minutes to get a perfect excuse for work right at your home. In addition, you will save some good money since the fake notes are normally very affordable especially when compared to average doctor fees.
  • Lagging behind with an assignment.
    Whatever your school assignment or work project is, chances are you might be seriously behind while the deadline is too close. And since that is never an excuse for your superior, you can get some extra free time only if you stay at home and forge a doctors note to excuse your absence.

Despite the fact that the consequences of delivering fake doctors notes to excuse missing work or school might be quite serious, many people still use them to get some days off. Since there are certain benefits of using ‘illegal’ forged doctor notes, they have become a popular way to get out of work in case your real reasons cannot be used as an excuse. Learn more about how to get a doctors note to fake a perfect excuse for missing school/work.

Good Ways to Get a Doctors Note

If you have a regular doctor, you can always ask to issue a note even if you haven’t visited him/her while you’ve been really sick with a slight malady. However, if you don’t have one and if you haven’t been actually sick, you definitely need to find better ways to get a doctors note.

If I were in a situation to ask myself ‘how do I get a doctors note’, I would probably go online first of all. There are hundreds of websites where you can find plenty of fake notes as well as get some useful tips on how you can forge a credible excuse. These online guides normally offer a wide range of services including free fake doctor note examples, verification service, and money return policy.

On the other hand, such a variety of fake dr template companies may be quite confusing, especially if you don’t know how to forge a doctors note properly. If you want to learn some basics before you try to write a fake doctors note yourself, be sure to visit

How to Write a Fake Doctors Note That Works

Before writing a fake note, make sure your excuse is credible and looks natural. Pay attention to watermarks, logos, contact details, and other factors which may betray you if they don’t look authentic. I’d also recommend minding such factors as the time of the year or the weather. It is logic to mention ailments like colds or respiratory diseases in winter or fall while it is always better to forge dehydration or insolation during a sunnier and hotter time of the year.

When writing a fake excuse to miss work or get out of school, be sure to find some good examples of both forged and real doctors notes. Since minor details matter a lot, be sure to find out whether the forged template you fill in has been recently updated. While the medical forms change from time to time, serious companies would always keep their database up to date not to miss the slightest change.

Finally, whatever disease you mention when writing your fake doctor letter, make sure you can simulate its most common symptoms to make your ‘story’ sound more credible. Be ready to act as if you’re really sick and make sure you can fake an ailment masterfully. Remember, it would definitely look suspicious if you deliver a forged notice from a foot doctor and join the company’s baseball competition the day after.

Tips on Making a Fake Doctors Note Online

a patient in a hospitalWriting a fake doctors note properly has recently become quite easy due to a variety of web-services allowing for instant online fake note completion. They look professional and are immediately available on the Web. As long as you know how to get a doctors note online, it won’t take much time to fill in and print it out in case you need it.

The possibility to forge a credible excuse online within a few minutes is a perfect solution for all sorts of emergency situations when you suddenly need to leave work or school as soon as possible. All you have to do is just to fill in an online printable dr excuse and either deliver it personally or send it by e-mail to your boss.

Although it may sound too good to be true, buying a reliable fake doctor letter to miss school or work will be a lot easier as soon as you can find a trustworthy online service. While a professional company will always help you avoid making some silly mistakes, making a fake note online provides you with a high level of security at affordable rates.